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Situated near the cities of both Asti and Alba, B&B San Carlo also offers you the opportunity to explore, on foot or by bike, the beautiful hilly landscapes around Costigliole, with villages steeped in history and unspoiled countryside.

The castle and the old village

Costigliole’s castle is one of the most impressive castles around Asti. It is built on the summit of Costigliole’s Rock, a quadrangle 60x60 metres, 25 metres high, with four towers 28 metres high. It is one of the most imposing castles in the ‘Astigiano’ area.
costigliole d'asti

Burio's Castle

South of Costigliole, in the hamlet of Burio, is the second largest manor in the area, which, after many years of abandonment, has been restored since 1980 by the current owners.
castello di burio

The legend of Bricco Lu

Bricco Lu, ‘Monferrato’s balcony’: from here, the view is breathtaking. It sweeps from the hills of Aqui to the south, to Monviso to the west. At the top of the Bricco Lu there is a monument of a woman peasant, created by Claudio Palmieri.
bricco lu

Guided visits to wineries and the house of the truffle-hunter:



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